Rowan Tree Gardens: Driveways & Paving

Accredited Marshalls-recommended installer for paving and driveways.

Proudly Accredited by Marshalls as a Distinguished Driveway and Paving Installer

Elevating Excellence in Every Stone Placed

Driveways and paving

At Rowan Tree Garden Design we consider any paving in the garden to be an integral part of the design process.

Sam will assess the area, taking note of the style of the house and surroundings. He will also take into account what the area will be used for.

Whether you are having a new driveway next to your front garden or a patio in the back, we will design your paving to suit your garden using a variety of materials and techniques.

We can also hand-cut designs in your paving to suit your individual taste.

Being members of the Association of Professional Landscapers, we at Rowan Tree Garden Design have access to all of the latest techniques and products and always use the highest quality materials.

We can also incorporate existing materials into designs if you prefer to re-cycle and re-vamp what you already have.

From a simple classic design to a complicated unusual one, we can make your paving look beautiful and unique as well as practical.


Patio Point and seal
Solid mortar base
Solid compacted hardcore 3″ base


Point and seal
Solid mortar bed
Solid compacted hardcore 4″ base
Membrane if necessary

Block Paving

Sand and seal
Block paving
Compacted screed sand
2″ solid concrete 100% non-moving
4″ compacted hardcore base


We individually point all lawn and patio edgings as it looks 100 times better and lasts longer.

Exceptional workmanship

Rowan Tree is renowned for it’s exceptional paving strength and finish

  • Paving – We only use high quality paving
  • Pointing – We always use OPC wet mix
  • OPC cement mixes over the average 4:1 mix with plasticiser so that it sticks and sets well
  • Heights – All paving is the correct depth from damp course
  • Our paving slabs are not laid on sand or dots
  • All slabs are checked before pointing to make sure that they have bonded
  • All paving is sealed – we have done extensive tests to find the right sealer
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