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Rowan Tree Garden Designers are landscapers in Scarborough and the Yorkshire Coast and offer a free professional hand-drawn design or plan with every estimate.

Proudly Accredited by Marshalls as a Distinguished Driveway and Paving Installer

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Who are we?

Rowan Tree Garden Designers are landscapers in York and Scarborough and offer a free professional hand-drawn design or plan with every estimate. Using our extensive knowledge in construction and design, we take your ideas and needs to create beautiful and well constructed gardens.

As Garden Designers we offer a free design service as we feel it is necessary to have a design or plan regardless of how small or simple an idea is. Both customer and contractor need to know the framework of the job to completed, however, we do like to work organically – discussing options and ideas with our customers as the work progresses – in order to achieve the best possible finished product.

If a more complex, in depth design is required, a full scale drawing including construction details and axonometric views can be quoted for.

At Rowan Tree Garden Design, we are friendly and very approachable. If you are not sure about a design, talk to us as we can provide alternatives and make as many changes as required to suit your style and budget.

Please view our portfolio for ideas. You can also click an image below to enlarge the design drawings.

Case study from design to completion

In this case the customer was looking for a complete re-design of her front garden and driveway.

The main points that she wanted to achieve were:

  • To screen off the view from the pavement into the house and back garden
  • A style with a rather “wild” feel to it while still appearing organised and being easy to maintain on a day to day basis.
  • A traditional design and use of materials for the driveway
  • The use of colour through the planting to brighten the front of the house up

Sam drew up this unique design to cover all of the customer’s requirements and also incorporate interesting features and planting structure.

  • The diagonal paths to the front door and strategically placed beds create the “screen” effect
  • The beds of box hedging are kept small and therefore give an organised effect
  • To give the garden the “wild” feel as specified by the customer Sam planned a wildflower meadow area in the centre of the front garden. This is also very low maintenance
  • The standing stones in the centre of the wildflowers and box hedging in the surrounding beds creates a fusion of wild and uniformity which fits the brief perfectly
  • Sam also creates a mixture of modern design and traditional style by using reclaimed York Stone throughout, breaking levels and also creating a driveway feature using reclaimed clamp bricks
  • The design incorporates huge amounts of colour through the planting scheme including a standard Wisteria focal point for the driveway, long flowering Lavender, bulbs for all seasons and the impressive wildflower and sedum area in the front garden.
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